Next Show: Sunday November 26th, 2000 - Sheraton Tech Center Hotel - Denver, Colorado

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   Dealer Information

      Currently our Dealer tables run in the $65.00-$75.00 range depending on how early one reserves their tables.  Multiple table discounts are given for Dealers needing a larger amount of space.  For more information contact:

      Monte Moore  - 303-294-0146  or Steve Oatney  - 719-338-2544    or write to:

      MajestiCon     5360 N. Franklin St.     Denver, CO    80216                                    

   jrrcomicsm.jpg (37686 bytes)  J.R.R. Comics always brings what the fans like! 


We are very proud of the quality Retailers and Dealers that display and support the MajestiCon.  We feel they offer the finest and most collectable merchandise in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Without their continued support, the MajestiCon would cease to exist.  If you would like to see a list of these fine Retailers and Dealers,  well then . . . just click here. SMILEYT.gif (284 bytes)