Next Show: Sunday November 26th, 2000 - Sheraton Tech Center Hotel - Denver, Colorado

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           Contact MajestiCon!

               Here is all you should need to know to get in contact with MajestiCon.  Whether you have questions, comments, suggestions, complaints or general ramblings regarding the show.


                5360 North Franklin Street

                Denver, Colorado 80216

        Monte M. Moore - Promoter                BS00864A.gif (2535 bytes)

                phone   303 - 294 - 0146

                fax        303 - 294 - 0623

                email     [email protected]

        Steve Oatney - Promoter                 HH01580A.gif (1311 bytes)

                phone    719 - 338 - 2544

                email    [email protected]


If you are a dealer or a fan, and would like on-line updates, information and reminders, please email

Monte Moore at [email protected] to be added to our email list.   We will not sell the list or

give out your information.  This information will only be used for the occasional update or reminder

pertaining to the MajestiCon. Hope to see you there!!